Scoring & Leaderboards Kit

Powerful and Flexible Scoring with Real-time Leaderboards to Show Who's on Top

Streamline your event programming.

Without Scores, There is No Competition.

Leaderboards keep athletes and fans engaged by displaying where competitors stand and what it’ll take to win. For credibility, organizers need accuracy and dependability in their events through a scoring system that’s fully capable of capturing the full expression of their creative programming.

Complete Step-by-Step Scoring Policy Management along with Advanced Options for Customization
Available Fully Integrated Within the App or as a Stand-alone Package
Strongest is Rock Solid and Battle-tested Over Thousands of Competitions
Specifying divisions and setting registration capsDivisions reordering (mobile)

Fast & Easy Set Up

Define athlete divisions and divisional registration caps with a few clicks. Create custom division titles to fit your branding.

Setting scoring policies (desktop)Setting scoring policies (mobile)

Manage Event Scoring from Start to Finish

Customize scoring policies for each workout if you like. Supports dynamic tie-break options.  Downloadable scorecard templates in case you need those, too.

Editing workout details (mobile)

Design the Athlete Workout Experience

Control release dates to keep athletes guessing. Add movement descriptions, photos, and videos so athletes get the information they need in one place.

Video review (mobile)

Video Submission and Review Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Athletes can upload workout videos for score submission.  Staff can share video review responsibilities to verify or decline athlete performances.

Visually Optimized for Any Device

Leaderboards displayed beautifully on every device. Fast cloud-based infrastructure ensures your audience can access rankings immediately.

Make Leaderboards a Dynamic Part of the Athlete and Fan Experience

Real-time leaderboard updates as soon as you hit the “publish” button. Use our Billboard setting to display on a TV or jumbotron.

Eliminate Mistakes in Your Leaderboard

You control access to the score entry page. Verify scores with our “preview leaderboard” function. Never display an inaccurate leaderboard again.

What People are Saying

The Scoring & Leaderboards Kit is the bread and butter of Strongest.com. While the idea - create a dynamic, consumable way to rank athletes based on their performances - seems simple, it's incredibly robust. Our leaderboards look equally good on a mobile phone, desktop or display screen, and score entry is easy to master. The best part? Your competition can be as textbook or as custom as you like. Our flexible scoring policies allow you to throw your competition your way. Want to throw one workout that only applies to one division and has a completely different scoring policy than any other workout? We've got you."
Kate Shumaker
Co-Founder, VETWOD

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