Marketing Kit

A Custom Event Website to Showcase Athletes and Secure Sponsors

Promote your event, maximize sponsorships, and increase revenue.

Your Competition Experience Starts Online.

You need a digital home for your competition. But not just any home, your competition needs a website that showcases your event information and branding, and can handle transactions. Plus, you need a site that is optimized for mobile and delivers best practices for converting athletes and fans into paying participants.

Web Addresses that are Easy-to-Remember and Share
Custom Pages With Your Own Logo, Name, Banner Image, Details, etc.
Additional Sponsor Placement Inventory to Help you Maximize Profits

Customized Event Websites

Automates creating a professional website to communicate competition details to athletes, staff, and spectators.

Sponsorship carousel (desktop)

Make More Money on Your Events

Unique logo placements with customizable content and different sponsorship levels. Ensure sponsor value with trackable page views and click-through rates. It all works together to increase revenue from your competition.

Athlete Profiles Mean More Engagement

Athletes can ‘humble brag’ and share their accomplishments. Admin settings let you remain in control of your displays and event branding.

What People are Saying

Our Marketing Kit automatically builds a custom competition page for you, including registration and leaderboard links, a map to your venue, and more. It gives your athletes their own profile, where they can highlight their accomplishments and link their social accounts so fans can follow and interact with them. And we make it easy for you to increase your revenue by co-branding your competition with paid sponsor logos displayed in a carousel on your competition pages. Marketing Kit gives you the tools to market and profit from your comp!"
Bill Day
Marketing at Strongest

Step Up Your Game with Strongest.

Experience no downtime, data issues, or payment hiccups. We’ll walk you through it!

  • Work with a dedicated rep to assist with your switch  (or to start your first competition)
  • Create and publish in a matter of minutes
  • Migrate athlete registrations and events details
  • Get up and running for free

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