Registration Kit

Painless Athlete, Staff, and Volunteer Registration to Sell Out Your Competition

Registration doesn’t have to be complicated.

Win Over your Athletes, and you’ll Win Repeat Business.

Athletes are the centerpiece of any competition, so an easy-to-use registration process is essential for organizers to create a smooth onboarding experience, while getting info needed to refine event programming and scheduling.

Streamline Athlete, Staff & Volunteer Communication with Centralized Email Lists
Coupons and Invitations Allow you to Collect & Monitor Registration Revenue
Complete Step-by-Step Registration Process along with Advanced Options for Customization
Registration summary including revenue (desktop)

Instant Access to Registration Revenue

Never guess how much money you’re making.  Receive registration fees immediately through Stripe Connect.

Pre-built Registration Workflows

Configure your registration in minutes.  Use preset fields, or create your own to get exactly what you need.

Customizable Data Collection and Product Sales

Create custom registration fields and display additional products at checkout to increase your overall revenue.

Automated Event Invitations

Automatically invite the next athlete on your list as soon as a previous invitation expires. Unique registration codes for athletes based upon their qualifying results. Our invitation solution saves you a lot of time.

Registration Discounts

Use coupons to encourage registration with promotional discounts such as “Early Bird Specials” or free entry for certain targeted athletes.

Online Event Planning.

Reach more athletes and increase revenue with an online qualifier or competition.  One click during setup guides you through online event creation.

What People are Saying

I'm an athlete and a developer with a personal interest in building the best registration system possible. We designed invitation management features that make repeated registrations quick and painless, for organizers and athletes alike. I'm excited to use it myself!"
Patrick Altman
Engineering at Strongest

Step Up Your Game with Strongest.

Experience no downtime, data issues, or payment hiccups. We’ll walk you through it!

  • Work with a dedicated rep to assist with your switch  (or to start your first competition)
  • Create and publish in a matter of minutes
  • Migrate athlete registrations and events details
  • Get up and running for free

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