Southeastern Scuffle uses Strongest to Bring Their Events to Life.

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I automatically have a list of athletes to invite to future events.

Daniel Perdue

Owner, CrossFit QFE


The team at Southeastern Scuffle uses Strongest to power their yearly competition, as well as fundraiser competitions from time to time. Their team’s priority is keeping things simple on the admin side so they can focus elsewhere and help their event grow. They achieved this goal and doubled their event from 2017 to 2018, and again in 2019! Strongest helps them keep registration and scoring streamlined so they can think about other things.

Q&A With The Organizers

What is your name?

Daniel Perdue. I own CrossFit QFE.

How long have you been organizing fitness events?

This is my 3rd year, 4th event.


What made you first interested in trying out Strongest?

I had seen it used in other competitions in my area. It seemed like an easy enough tool to use, so I gave it a whirl.


What do you like most about using Strongest?

It is super easy to launch and manage my competition. Very, very user friendly.


How has Strongest made organizing an event easier for you?

They take the hassle of handling registrations off my plate. I don’t have to use an outdated, manual scoring system.


How has Strongest helped you connect to your athletes?

It lets me store all past competitors’ contact info so that I can reach out each year to those from the past. I automatically have a list of athletes to invite to future events.


Would you throw another Strongest powered event?


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