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Registration Kit

Setup your event, invite athletes, collect fees, offer pricing specials, and more through a powerful dashboard.  Qualifiers and online competitions fully supported.

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Scoring & Leaderboards Kit

Smart defaults, customizable for the scoring policies you need.  Share scoring links with staff.  Athlete video submission available. Leaderboards scale from mobile to jumbotron, preview and publish when you’re ready.

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Spectator Ticketing Kit

Increase revenue with admission, add-ons, and premiums.  Scannable QR codes make things easy for staff. All ticket redemptions are trackable in your dashboard.

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Scheduling Kit

Quick, easy, flexible competition schedules shareable with athletes, officials, and spectators. Your schedule dynamically adapts when things change.

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Marketing Kit

Guided setup for your shareable competition site. Paid sponsor placements supported in every page. Free athlete profiles give them competitive presence, and fans a way to connect with them.

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Precision Timing Kit

Athlete-controlled and automatic timing solutions. Big red “finish” buttons and chip timing. State of the art technology, accurate to 1/100th of a second.

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Live Scoring & Broadcast Kit

Tell the best stories possible for your viewers and sponsors with rep-by-rep scoring and professional broadcast graphics on every screen from phones to jumbotrons.

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24/7 Support

Our Expertise and Resources Guide you Before and During your Event

Built-in Staff You Didn’t Know You Had.

Strongest gives you access to an experienced staff of event organizers, competitive athletes, and Affiliate owners, along with chat support and a library of help articles whenever you need them.

Our average support response is less than 3 minutes, but we’re always looking for a PR.

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Experience no downtime, data issues, or payment hiccups. We’ll walk you through it!

  • Work with a dedicated rep to assist with your switch (or to start your first competition)
  • Create and publish in a matter of minutes
  • Migrate athlete registrations and events details
  • Free to get up and running

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