Spectator Ticketing Kit

Easily Sell and Distribute Tickets to Fans and Spectators

You decide how much to charge, we handle the billing and ticket distribution.

Tickets are the Key to Predictability and Profitability.

More than just entry to your competition, tickets represent valuable data and inventory that help monetize your event and ensure the best day-of competition guest experience. Whether a free or paid event, Strongest’ electronic tickets eliminate challenging “cash at the door” scenarios entirely.

No Surprises. Predict Spectator Turn-out & Coordinate with Volunteers to Manage Traffic Flow
Each Ticket is an Individual in your Database That You’ll be Able to Communicate With in the Future
The Ticketing Process Offers Sellable Sponsorship Inventory That Improves the Bottom Line

Scannable QR Codes Allow for Easy Entry.

When people buy tickets, they receive email with scannable QR codes, making it easy for event personnel to scan for redemption and entry.

Spectator Ticketing Kit (ticket management)

Plan Event Services and Track Redemptions.

Know how many people are attending your event.  Filter ticket holders by name, email, or ticket ID and track redemptions, all from your dashboard.

Add-ons and Premium Offerings Generate Demand and Revenue.

Drive revenue with add-ons and premiums.  You can offer meal upgrades, 1- or 2-day options, pre- or post-party tickets, and even VIP tickets with perks.

What People are Saying

Our Spectator Ticketing Kit streamlines the process of buying and managing ticket sales for an event. Tickets are sold from the same event page as registration slots, so you only have to distribute one link in your marketing campaigns. Spectators who purchase tickets can access their tickets within the app, where they can download, print, and share their tickets with others. Because each ticket comes with a unique QR code, managing and processing tickets on the day of the event has never been easier!"
Tyler Julian
Product at Strongest

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