Scheduling Kit

Dynamic Heat Scheduling that Adapts Automatically

Easily build, manage, and share your schedule heat-by-heat.

The “Where & When” Are Essential.

Heat scheduling is often a last minute “gotcha” that organizers think about way too late. Manage athlete, fan, volunteer and staff expectations by letting them know the what/where/when for each moment of your competition. Your guests will thank you.

Schedules are Seamlessly Integrated with Registration and Scoring Systems
Calculate and Manage Schedules Within the App – No Separate Spreadsheets!
“Reseeding” Athletes is Painless With our Purpose-built Scheduler
Scheduling timeline and transition time (desktop)

Organize the Timeline of Your Event

Setup your heats with simple choices based upon your registration list and event programming. We take the mess out of stage locations, heat transition times, and the rest.

Organize Your Volunteers and Staff

Our scheduling solution gives you the power to layout assignments for judges, volunteers, and staff as well as athletes.

Share Your Event Schedule with Ease and Clarity

Once you’ve created your schedule, you can print or digitally share it.  And you’ll know when your event will finish as everything is factored in.

What People are Saying

Scheduling Kit takes the tedious, painful process of creating your heat schedule and makes it quick and easy. Once registration is closed and your list of athletes is finalized, just plug in your workouts, transition times and scheduled breaks and we create a beautiful heat schedule for you. Once you've published it, athletes will be able to view the schedule on your landing page, eliminating the "Where is my schedule?" question. You can have a perfect heat schedule in minutes - can you say that for the manually-made spreadsheet heat schedules of old?
Kate Shumaker
President & Co-Founder, VETWOD

Step Up Your Game with Strongest.

Experience no downtime, data issues, or payment hiccups. We’ll walk you through it!

  • Work with a dedicated rep to assist with your switch  (or to start your first competition)
  • Create and publish in a matter of minutes
  • Migrate athlete registrations and events details
  • Get up and running for free

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