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Our mission is to help communities of athletes to connect, train, and compete, and we’ve just launched a new feature that we’re excited to share with you: custom filters and hashtags for all of our leaderboards. Here’s how it works…

When you register, you can now optionally create your own hashtags for the competition and filter the published leaderboards by these hashtags. When you apply a hashtag filter, it re-ranks all of the athletes that opted-in to register with the hashtag, and the result is that you and your friends can quite literally create your own competitions within the competition.

If you’re the organizer of a competition, you can also create additional custom filters for the leaderboards as part of the setup process. The net-net is leaderboard experience for athletes and spectators that is second to none!

Creating Hashtags During Registration

As you’re registering for a competition, there will be a “custom leaderboard league” option where you will enter your preferred hashtags.

Whether it’s your career, your gym, or a fun name for you and your friends – custom hashtags has you covered. See where you stand among other firefighters, nurses, and teachers – or see where you stand among your gym. The options are unlimited.

Had a great hashtag idea after you registered? No problem! You and anyone else that wants to opt-in can just update your registration anytime before the competition with the new hashtags.

Central Regional competition hashtag registration

Add your own hashtags on the registration page for the competition you are signing up for.

Filtering Leaderboards by Hashtags

When the competition arrives, the fun part begins.

Track your custom hashtag on the leaderboard with the toolbar at the top of the screen. This short video shows how it all works…

Other Ways to Filter Leaderboards

If you’re the organizer of a competition, you can define custom questions that athletes answer during registration as the basis of additional filters that can appear on leaderboards. For example, the organizers of the HYROX Virtual Championships of Fitness, included name, country, and age group as a way to filter their leaderboards.

Scroll through to see the leaderboard without a filter, and then with country and hashtag filters.

Share your custom leaderboard

It didn’t happen unless it was on social media, right? Isn’t that how it goes? Easily share your custom leaderboard by copying the link once you’ve set your filters and posting to social media (or wherever you do your sharing!) Want to see yourself at the top of a leaderboard? With the right set of filters applied, virtually anything is possible…

Try it now

Check out the HYROX Virtual Championships of Fitness leaderboard to see all of this in action with a live competition involving a large number of athletes.

So what are you waiting for? Find a competition in your area (or virtual), sign up with some friends, and create your own hashtag to join in on the fun.


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