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In an elite competition, one hundredth of a second can be the difference between first and second place – and that could mean some big money at stake! There is no room for error when it comes to crowning your winner, especially if there’s a substantial prize purse.

Our precision timing kit takes out the human error and allows for fairness, financial benefits, and fun. What more could you ask for?


Whether your athletes are smashing a button or wearing a chip timer that stops their clock upon crossing the finish line, there is one way the clock starts and one way for the athletes to stop their time. It’s up to the athlete, not the judge. This brings operational efficiency from a judging standpoint and allows you as the organizer to avoid questions and the pressure of getting it right. As an organizer, you must be above reproach at all times.

For elite competitions, a lot of money can be on the line. It is imperative that your scoring system is fair and objective. With our precision timing kit, there is a centrally managed clock recording the start and end times, engineered for accuracy to the 1/100th of a second.

Financial Benefits

At functional fitness competitions, all eyes are on the finish line towards the end of a workout. There isn’t much better sponsorship placement than on the button smash of our precision timing kit. Not only are they in plain sight for all of the spectators to see, but photographers love finish line shots as well and with a sponsor’s name on the button, they’re bound to get even more exposure.

Rich Froning at Mayhem Classic

Rich Froning smashes the precision timing button at the Mayhem Classic. Photo courtesy of Athlete’s Eye Photography

With the precision timing kit, you should be able to maximize the value your sponosorship inventory because you have the surface area and real estate to put the logos on. The kit should either pay for itself or you may turn a profit when you’re able to get more sponsors on board. It’s a win-win-win for you, sponsors, and everyone involved!

Anecdotally, the introduction of a precision timing system punctuates the statement that you are running an elite event because you’re measuring finishes more precisely and attracting elite participants who may be in fierce competition for the finish. Elite athletes generally attract higher value sponsorships because overall interest and viewership is higher.


Smashing a button or wearing a chip that stops a clock always delivers an exciting finish! There’s nothing better than watching an all-out sprint to the finish line between two athletes and instantly seeing the results on the screen. It’s fun for spectators, it’s fun for athletes, and it’s fun for you as the organizer!

Patrick Vellner at Wodapalooza

Patrick Vellner smashes the precision timing button at Wodapalooza 2020 where Strongest was the official precision timing partner and outfitted nearly 80 active lanes of athletes

Take your competition to the next level

Join the likes of Wodapalooza and the Mayhem Classic in using our precision timing kit in your next competition. You won’t regret it! It will save you work, make you more money, and give everyone a better experience.

Try it now!

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