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A professional broadcast is quite possibly the safest AND the most profitable way to organize your next competition. With the continued uncertainty of COVID and the risks that it introduces in the planning process for a fitness competition, a quality broadcast limits exposure to the virus by minimizing the number of people who physically show up to a venue while simultaneously maximizing the number of front row seats that are available. That’s a win-win, because it promotes safety and enjoyment while also having the potential to help you run a highly successful and profitable event!

But wait, isn’t a live broadcast REALLY complicated and expensive? (Hint: No, it isn’t)

Why isn’t it complicated? Because our live scoring and broadcast kits solve your technology problems, and we partner with the best talent in the industry to deliver every viewer a front row seat. We’ll train you and your team to operate the system, or we’ll come on site and support you throughout the event. We do whatever it takes to make you successful.

Why isn’t it expensive? Because you should be able to turn a net profit and increase your margins if you are using our live scoring and broadcast kits! With a livestream and a quality production that includes some live scoring and analysis, your ability to partner with sponsors who have readily available advertising budgets and are trying to reach your participants and spectators is much more achievable. To be honest, if our kits aren’t paying for themselves and helping you to increase net revenue and margins, then there’s really not a good reason to be using them.

While it’s true that orchestrating the capture, analysis, and display of real-time scoring information during the unforgiving pressure of a live broadcast is an unbelievably complex problem, this isn’t the problem that YOU need to solve. This is what we’ve spent years building and perfecting so that you can focus on everything else.

To oversimplify things a bit, you’ll need to round-up some extra volunteers to count reps with handheld devices and our kits take care of managing the clocks and serving up the broadcast quality graphics that are overlaid on your livestream. Depending on your goals and budget, we can outfit you with tech to manage up to three camera on site if you have access to videographers, or we can deliver you a full “production truck” and the crew to make the event completely turn-key.

All things are possible with enough time and budget, and from our perspective, it’s all about helping you to achieve your goals within the resource constraints you have available.

Competition Live Scoring Device

On the field of play, your staff/volunteers count reps that power the live scoring graphic that is overlaid on your livestream.

More Safety

First things first: your most important responsibility as an event organizer is to keep your athletes and spectators safe. What if you could improve overall safety by minimizing the number of people who have to physically be at the venue to enjoy the action while also maximizing the space available for the field of play and the overall logistics you have to manage on site? Well, as it turns out, you can.

Whether you want to run an event with a format that’s like a traditional competition with athletes on the same field of play, or you want to run an event with a format like the Rogue Invitational 2020 where athletes are physically separated but the broadcast aggregates all performances into a single show, we’ve got you covered! In either case, the recipe for success here is few cameras, some quality play-by-play analysis, and a live scoring kit that swizzles it all together so the entire world can have a front row seat while the athletes do what the athletes do best!

More Upside

We know you want to organize a competition because it’s a lot of fun, and you probably don’t like “selling” things or “being sold” — but you do also want to earn a living and be rewarded for your good work, right? There’s no reason to be ashamed of that, because it’s the basis of how any capitalist economy works.

A professional broadcast has vast potential for the ultimate upside of your competition for one simple reason: it helps you to elevate and maximize the potential of the competition for the athletes, the spectators, and the vendors/advertisers involved. You already know what you want to do, and a broadcast is helping to do it at a much larger scale. The net effect of more scale is more money flow, and where there’s more money flow, there can be larger cash prizes that attract more elite participants and wider profit margins if you have a solid business plan that’s predicated on some variation of an advertising business model.

Whether it’s logos on the scoring ribbon or advertisements during heat changes, broadcasting your competition provides a reach for sponsors that a solely in-person competition is unable to match — and the archived video from an amazing competition with amazing athletes and amazing programming will continue to get viewed for perpetuity. There’s a lot for you (and your sponsors) to love about that…

Don’t take our word for it. Meet Joe…

Joe Novello is one of the most interesting people you may never have heard of yet unless you have an odd habit of reading the credits of amazing televised sports productions. Over the years, Joe has done us all a solid with this good work in roles such as the Senior Coordinating Producer of the CrossFit Games, productions in the Tour de France, and Bass Pro fishing tournaments. We have learned everything we know about broadcasting from Joe, and here’s what he has to say about the power of telling a good story with a broadcast…

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